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Ajna Yoga Centre | 209-2250 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria

These mini retreats are open to the public and offered at Ajna Yoga Studio in Victoria, BC. For Yoga Alliance certified teachers these workshops count as continuing education credits (CEC). Space is limited to 12 participants (in person only). To register click here.

I. Journey through the Koshas

January 15, 2024 | 1 - 4 pm | $60

The Koshas, or five layers of the Yogic Body, serves as an integrative model for deepening our understanding and connection to ourselves, facilitating healing and recovery from past trauma. This special interactive workshop provides an introduction to the koshic model, and extended slow, gentle yoga practice with guided relaxation to allow participants to experience an embodied sense of themselves. 

II. Journey through the Chakras

January 22, 2024 | 1 - 4 pm | $60 

The concept of the chakras is found in the early traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. In the yoga tradition, the body is viewed in both its physical (gross) and energetic (subtle) form. Within these ancient traditions, the chakras are described as focal points of the subtle body of the practitioner. The chakras start at the base of the spine and ascend to the crown of the head. When in balance they are thought to support the flow of energy. By learning about the seven chakras, you can become more in tune with the natural energy cycles of your body, mind and spirit. 

III. Overcoming the Kleshas

January 29, 2024 | 1 - 4 pm | $60 

The five kleshas, described in both yogic and Buddhist philosophy, are considered to be the roots of all human suffering. The kleshas are thought to include states of mind such as anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, desire, depression that cloud the mind leading to unhealthy actions. Overcoming the kleshas is seen as a path to liberation from saṃsāra (cycles of suffering). Learning about the kleshas you can begin to identify and shift patterns which may be contributing to unnecessary suffering. 

Mini Retreats

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