I've thoroughly enjoyed and have benefited from your yoga classes and private yoga sessions. You are a truly gifted and inspirational teacher who has opened my eyes to the many benefits of incorporating yoga into everyday life. I'm so lucky to have met you, and look forward to taking part in many more classes under your beautiful and sage guidance. ~ Daphne I.
You have no idea how life-altering your instruction has been to me. I have spent a fortune on massage and physiotherapy, seeking a remedy for my ailing shoulder. It is only since participating in your yoga classes where I'm finally getting relief and seeing an improvement. I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness in tailoring your classes to your students' needs. ~ J.L.
I receive the most wonderful sense of achievement because you always teach/guide in a way that reinforces the skills that I can do and does not 'punish' what I can't yet accomplish. I have recently had a bone mineral density exam after my initial one three years ago. I got a high five from my Doctor today for close to a 20% positive change in my lumbar spine and 4% in hip. My diagnosis is now osteopenia rather than osteoporosis. He said the combination of therapies had brought about these positive findings and praised my yoga attendance as a very beneficial change I have made to my lifestyle.  Thank you so much for being my teacher... I have learned so much from your Osteo Yoga class and the positive reinforcement has been undeniably helpful. ~ Deborah L.

It's been one year since I started. Although my initial goals were  to keep flexible, build strength and improve bone density with Osteo Yoga, I have had collateral benefits that I did not expect: my strength, balance and ability to walk longer distances has fully returned after five years limited by a vestibular condition; my feet don't get sore as they used to and I am able to walk around the house bare-footed which used to hurt because of flat feet; better bladder control; when I did fall recently I did not fracture any bones or suffer any other injury and recovered quickly; and improvements with mindfulness practice and sense of well-being. Thank you for your inspired instruction. ~ Jay N.

I have been studying Yoga for Bone Health with Agi Mallory for the past three years. I have some osteopenia in my ankles. In December of 2019 I had a nasty fall, whereby I was at the gym on the tread mill. I foolishly became distracted and went down on the moving tread mill, sustaining bruises and some minimal lacerations to both knees. I walked away from the gym, never dreaming that within a very short time, there grew a huge hematoma (the size of a tennis ball) on the right tibia. The entire right leg, foot and ankle were swollen. The diagnosis was that I had a stress fracture. Best treatment immobilize the leg, elevate and icing. Period of two months before the hematoma lessened in size.” I truly credit Agi’s teaching in preventing my accident from being much worse than it was. She spends a great deal of time in her classes stressing to us the importance of building and preserving strong bones. Also working on balance and recovery. I am convinced that if it was not for Agi and Yoga in my daily lifestyle, I would have been hospitalized with my injuries. ~ G.D.

I wanted to share with you some good news and testament to the value of your Yoga for Bone Health classes. I had a DEXA scan and my doctor phoned to give me the results. I was very nervous and quite resigned to being prescribed Fosamax. Miraculously my scan showed a small but significant improvement from my last scan in 2017. Results indicated movement from an osteoporosis to osteopenia classification.
I want to thank you for your inspiring classes which undoubtedly influenced the bone growth. – J.S.

I enjoyed the focus on hips and the emphasis on alignment was really helpful. Thanks for your lovely classes.  I really feel like I'm doing something good for my bones and I also feel I am getting a bit stronger. ~ SW