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From Students and Private Clients:

I have tried everything to “fix me” as an adult, from psychiatry, therapy, fitness and nature, still I was missing something. My therapist suggested yoga therapy and despite my scepticism, out of desperation I tried it and I’m so grateful and glad I did! From the moment I met Agi I felt a shift, it was easy to show up in the space Agi creates and let my guard down due to her kind, calm, safe energy. There has never been a time where I felt judged, unsafe or unwelcome. On the days I struggled she was still consistent in her safe energy and wanted to work with me…even when I felt I didn’t deserve it. There is something really powerful in healing somatically that regular therapy can’t fix. Within 3 sessions with Agi, I started to feel like I was humanizing again. I’ve struggled with post-concussion syndrome from IPV, and due to this I didn’t think I’d ever truly feel happy again, but for the first time since my injury I genuinely feel real joy and happiness all due to Agi and yoga therapy. Yoga therapy has totally changed my life for the better and has given me hope and I now look forward to my future. I highly recommend anyone who is struggling to try it. Even if you are sceptical and have “tried everything” like myself, I beg you to give this a try, I promise this will change your life for the better. I know this is just the start of my healing process but I’m so looking forward and am hopeful for the journey. ~L.P.


I love my class with you. You are so thoughtful and caring when you encourage us to just do our very best. I brag to all my friends that I have the best teacher in the city. ~ D.L.


Today’s class was one of the best yoga classes I have ever attended.
You are a fantastic yoga teacher. I am grateful that you are in my existence.
~ D.D.

I have enjoyed Agi's classes for a few years now. As I grow older, I find that I have new things to learn about my aging body as it grows a little less flexible and points out arthritic spots in my joints. Agi is very knowledgeable about working with these issues. She is an excellent teacher. ~ J.A.

I came to Agi's classes several years ago in my search for alternatives to the "gym" workouts often suggested for those experiencing loss of bone density. I was so very happy to find in Agi an informed, supportive guide who offered what I had always believed – that yoga practice could be used to build bone health as well as to build the strength and balance which can prevent injury. Wherever I have practiced with Agi – in studio, online, at a rec centre–she has created a safe and welcoming space. Agi is an engaging and supportive instructor who is extraordinarily well organized and prepared and who brings to her classes a deep knowledge of her subject and a deep commitment to her work. Her warmth, intelligence and compassion are gifts to her students. ~ M.G.

Your class has slowly but surely become an integral part of my life and I LOVE IT!  It just makes sense and slows me down enough to enjoy the journey more. Most of this transformation is thanks to you. I love your energy, your readings, the Meta mantra, and your calm confidence and perspective on things.  Thank you for just being you and sharing your light with me.  I truly feel blessed to be part of your classes. ~ Colleen P.
I've thoroughly enjoyed and have benefited from your yoga classes and private yoga sessions. You are a truly gifted and inspirational teacher who has opened my eyes to the many benefits of incorporating yoga into everyday life. I'm so lucky to have met you, and look forward to taking part in many more classes under your beautiful and sage guidance. ~ Daphne I.
You have no idea how life-altering your instruction has been to me. I have spent a fortune on massage and physiotherapy, seeking a remedy for my ailing shoulder. It is only since participating in your yoga classes where I'm finally getting relief and seeing an improvement. I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness in tailoring your classes to your students' needs. ~ J.L.
I receive the most wonderful sense of achievement because you always teach/guide in a way that reinforces the skills that I can do and does not 'punish' what I can't yet accomplish. I have recently had a bone mineral density exam after my initial one three years ago. I got a high five from my Doctor today for close to a 20% positive change in my lumbar spine and 4% in hip. My diagnosis is now osteopenia rather than osteoporosis. He said the combination of therapies had brought about these positive findings and praised my yoga attendance as a very beneficial change I have made to my lifestyle.  Thank you so much for being my teacher... I have learned so much from your Osteo Yoga class and the positive reinforcement has been undeniably helpful. ~ Deborah L.

It's been one year since I started. Although my initial goals were to keep flexible, build strength and improve bone density with Osteo Yoga, I have had collateral benefits that I did not expect: my strength, balance and ability to walk longer distances has fully returned after five years limited by a vestibular condition; my feet don't get sore as they used to and I am able to walk around the house bare-footed which used to hurt because of flat feet; better bladder control; when I did fall recently I did not fracture any bones or suffer any other injury and recovered quickly; and improvements with mindfulness practice and sense of well-being. Thank you for your inspired instruction. ~ Jay N.

I have been studying Yoga for Bone Health with Agi Mallory for the past three years. I have some osteopenia in my ankles. In December of 2019 I had a nasty fall, whereby I was at the gym on the tread mill. I foolishly became distracted and went down on the moving tread mill, sustaining bruises and some minimal lacerations to both knees. I walked away from the gym, never dreaming that within a very short time, there grew a huge hematoma (the size of a tennis ball) on the right tibia. The entire right leg, foot and ankle were swollen. The diagnosis was that I had a stress fracture. Best treatment immobilize the leg, elevate and icing. Period of two months before the hematoma lessened in size.” I truly credit Agi’s teaching in preventing my accident from being much worse than it was. She spends a great deal of time in her classes stressing to us the importance of building and preserving strong bones. Also working on balance and recovery. I am convinced that if it was not for Agi and Yoga in my daily lifestyle, I would have been hospitalized with my injuries. ~ G.D.

I wanted to share with you some good news and testament to the value of your Yoga for Bone Health classes. I had a DEXA scan and my doctor phoned to give me the results. I was very nervous and quite resigned to being prescribed Fosamax. Miraculously my scan showed a small but significant improvement from my last scan in 2017. Results indicated movement from an osteoporosis to osteopenia classification.
I want to thank you for your inspiring classes which undoubtedly influenced the bone growth. – J.S.

I enjoyed the focus on hips and the emphasis on alignment was really helpful. Thanks for your lovely classes.  I really feel like I'm doing something good for my bones and I also feel I am getting a bit stronger. ~ SW

From Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists:

I cannot say how much I have learned and how much more I appreciate the benefits of yoga...especially in an aging body. I love the breadth of information you share with us and the pacing of the class.  It makes you slow down and really work through all that you are asking us to feel and think about. I have a greater appreciation of how this practice contributes to build strength and resilience, as well as how to adapt as the body ages. I have not found any other teacher that has as deep an understanding of how yoga can actually be beneficial to an individual with osteoporosis. I did my yoga teacher training about ten years ago and went on to do a number of different teacher training modules focused on the aging body with the intention of sharing what I learned.  The more I learned, the more my respect and appreciation of really excellent teachers grew. You are one of the finest teachers I have worked with and I would love for more people to benefit from your wise and caring teachings. I can attest to the merits of the practice as my bone density has stabilized in the last two years without meds. All to say, I feel that your teachings need a bigger audience. ~ A.V.


This was the most organized and thought thru hybrid class I have EVER taken! Attention to those in studio, those on screen, sound, picture, notes... There will always be things that happen and when they do, neither of the facilitators missed a beat. I would have to say there is a lot of grace and understanding during this training. I will be recommending these classes to my other fellow Yoga Therapists ~ participant in Yoga Therapy for Hips + Knees Workshop


I thoroughly enjoyed all six Joint Therapeutics workshops. I found them to be very useful and I started implementing both the
anatomical information and some of the relevant exercises into my yoga classes and yoga therapy session right away. Agi is an excellent facilitator. As an experienced yoga therapist she has a wealth of knowledge that she delivers with skill. Her workshops were well structured, planned and her handouts were clear, concise
and very helpful. She’s also a lovely person! ~

I attended the Feet + Ankles Workshop. I found it very useful and furthered the depth of the knowledge from the training I have already taken. I plan to take the full set of these workshops to help review, inspire and gain more knowledge in the future. Also, this workshop was timely for me as had been experiencing foot discomfort and helped alleviate plus remind me to take care and be aware of my feet! ~ D.N.


Agi was an amazing instructor and her choice in the format of the training (lectures, breakout rooms, ample discussion) made the training really interactive and informative. I love her clear, concise presentation style, and the facilitation of discussion, and all of the interaction she made room for over the weekend. ~ M.H.


This training was successful for the impeccable organization and facilitation of the facilitator. I love Agi’s energy! She gave us so much time for connecting with one another and being able to have our voices heard. I also appreciated the amount of choice she gave us in the training this weekend. ~ W.R.


Her breadth of knowledge and experience was fantastic. The amount of information provided and the content was comprehensive and well-organized. ~ G.G.

Beautiful structuring of this class, Agi. I loved the opportunity to connect with you and other members of the program. This module was so inspiring and I appreciate all of the time and attention you gave to creating this space. This was a really powerful module for me. ~ M.P.

I appreciate how organized, prompt and educated you were. I also loved how you were able to beautifully weave the yoga into the business aspects of the course. ~ O.B.

Agi is brilliant at holding space for the participants and I never felt that she was judging me or anyone else in the course. This training opened up loads of possible teaching opportunities and forced me to get a jump on my business now before I graduate from the course. ~ S.S

Thank you so much Agi for an engaging and informative weekend! I look forward to every module I take with you to learn from your rich experience and also because I find it super inspiring how, no matter what the topic, you always consistently thread through the principles of yoga philosophy and ethics. And you do this not just in a factual way but by role modeling this consistent foundation in how you teach, what you teach, and how you interact with students and create a class container. It is a manner of teaching and of being that I aspire to exemplify as fluidly and naturally as you. Your willingness to be a resource and support as we move forward is also very generous and I am grateful for it! ~ A.S

Agi is clearly very skilled and knowledgeable in applying business skills with yogic knowledge, creating a safe, supportive and inspiring space. I felt so nurtured by her, and in turn the whole class because of the container she created for us. ~ I.C.

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