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I envision a world where all humans feel supported and empowered to live life to its fullest potential.


I am dedicated to creating a caring community through yoga, and to a lifelong path of continued learning and inspired teaching. I believe in the potency and power of yoga practices to liberate the body, free the mind, and uplift the spirit. I am committed to pursuing this path and sharing the knowledge and benefits with others. My passion is to offer a compassionate and gentle approach to teaching, meeting you where you are at, so you can experience the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual benefits of yoga. 


Kindness and Compassion: I wish to make others feel seen, heard and cared for in my community

Accessibility and Inclusivity: I strive to make the places and ways that I teach welcoming and accessible for all humans 

Honesty and Integrity: I work hard to be honest, aligned, true to my word, and to follow through on my commitments

Growth and Learning: I am committed to a life-long path of personal growth and learning

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