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Because you are alive, everything is possible

Thich Nhat Hanh

Everyone has a story.

I believe that our stories have the power to create connection when shared.     

I started taking yoga classes as a university student, but only began to practice regularly in my early 30s when I was struggling with recurrent pregnancy loss. Yoga centred me, and helped me to reclaim my body during a period when I was losing trust in it. When I did become pregnant with my first daughter I turned to prenatal yoga to support me both physically and emotionally. During this period I was drawn to the joy of moving my body through challenging asanas which allowed me to feel strong and connected to my body as it was changing rapidly.

During my second pregnancy I was diagnosed with cancer. I turned to yoga, and started to deepen my practice as I discovered the more subtle benefits of pranayama and meditation to manage my fear and anxiety. These practices supported my body, mind and spirit as I navigated through surgery and treatment while parenting a toddler and newborn.

Recognizing my passion for yoga, and contemplating my own mortality, I made a decision to become a yoga teacher and step away from the corporate world to find out if I could do the thing that I loved for whatever time I have remaining. 

Today, as a cancer survivor and the mother of two growing daughters, yoga continues to provide a sanctuary of calm in the busyness of family life. Through steady practice I find solace, serenity, and an ever-deepening connection to my true self, to others, and the world around me. 

My passion is to share the gift of yoga with others who have the courage to embark on their own journey of healing. I bring a compassionate and gentle approach to teaching yoga, meeting students where they are at and nurturing gentle transformation through supported practice, breathwork and meditation. Inspired by the subtle changes yoga continues to bring to my own practice, I approach teaching with a sense of openness and curiosity as I continue to learn both with and from my students. Committed to life-long learning, I travel and take trainings with a variety of senior teachers to enrich my knowledge and deepen my understanding of the many gifts that yoga has to offer.

When I am not practicing or teaching yoga you might find me in pottering around in my garden, knitting, spending time with family and friends, or playing volleyball. 

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