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My Knitting Story

I first learned to knit in the 80s from my Auntie Fran. I knit some sweaters through my teens and twenties, and then a few little sweaters for my daughters when they were young. That was before YouTube, and I worked with books, paper patterns and graph paper. In 2006 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. One morning I was at kindergym with my toddler and newly pregnant with my second child. A lovely mama and nurse named Val, who I shared my diagnosis with gave me a pair of beautiful hand-knit socks. While I have lost touch with Val, the socks kept my feet and heart warm for many years and I never forgot her kindness. I wanted to learn to knit practical, gift-able knits. Years went by as time does when working and raising children. Then, during COVID, I decided to finally learn to make socks. Here is the YouTube from Voolenvine that I learned to make socks with! Since then I have made SO MANY socks and gifted them to people I love. You can see these and more of my knitting projects on my Ravelry Profile. 

Knitting & Yoga

Knitting and Yoga go together like peas and carrots! Knitting, once learned, is a form of moving meditation that invites us to slow down and take life at a human pace. The rhythmic movement coupled with the slow act of creating something with love from your own hands is deeply regulating and rewarding. The mindfulness and attention required for knitting is similar to that required for yoga: bringing your full attention to the pattern or pose invites you into the present moment, providing a respite from the thoughts or worries of the day. So sit and knit for a bit... just a few rows can be a lovely reset! If you live in Victoria and practice yoga with me click here to email me and find out more about Knitting Circles at my home. Join me on Salt Spring Island for a Yoga & Knitting Retreat

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